Navigator Spotlight: Burgeon Plant Co.

Co-Owner Hector Rivera presents a cactus

Burgeon Plant Co. owners Jasmine Garza and Hector Rivera inherited a deep love of plants from their families. Hector’s grandparents were migrant farm workers. Jasmine’s grandmother loved taking care of plants. Towards the end of her life, Jasmine’s grandmother found comfort in the plants her granddaughter would bring to her.

Entrance to Burgeon Plant Co. decorated for the holidays

Hector pursued a degree in Plant Science at Texas Tech University and the pair both worked with plants before pursuing their own business. In January this year, they started vending at pop-ups. They soon graduated to a truck and asked their Instagram followers where they wanted to see them activate. As it turns out, the Southern end of Downtown and the Southside had a true need for a local plant shop. The pair found a permanent location on South Presa and Burgeon Plant Co. Was born. “We like that you can walk down the street and there’s all these restaurants and shops you can check out,” says Jasmine. “Or you can just take a walk down the River Walk.”

Co-Owners Jasmine Garza and Hector Rivera

They’ve expanded their services to include consultations for both residential and commercial clients. In store, they carry local artists’ works, which range from sketches to ceramic pots. The store sits next to an artist, tattoo shop, and coffee shop. Their community supports one another through promotions. Jasmine emphasizes the importance of these local connections. “You’re supporting your local economy [when you shop local],” she explains.

Some of the local art for sale at Burgeon Plant Co.

Hector also points out that local nurseries and plant shops like Burgeon Plant Co. can deliver a higher quality product as they have the time to ensure product quality and offer specific guidance to clients.

The power of plants is more relevant than ever, according to Hector. “It helps with your mental health and makes the room feel a little livelier,” he explains. In an era when many people are sequestered in their homes, often alone, plants are a way to lift one’s spirits.

During this holiday season, if you are thinking of a loved one, consider getting them the gift of a plant or local art to brighten their day.

Flowers for sale at Burgeon Plant Co.

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We are a placemaking organization whose purpose is to create a more beautiful, playful, welcoming, and prosperous Downtown.

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Centro San Antonio

Centro San Antonio

We are a placemaking organization whose purpose is to create a more beautiful, playful, welcoming, and prosperous Downtown.

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